What do Wedding Videographers really do?

When planning your big day, you will spend so much time perfecting every single detail to reflect your own unique story and vision. Yet, the wedding will feel like it passed in a heartbeat, like a beautiful dream. That is why preserving those memories is a priority for many engaged couples, with wedding videographers being one of the most effective ways to achieve that.

In essence, films narrate your whole chapter, ensnaring each of your memories. Also there are the moments you were unable to see – your grandparents enjoying the whole atmosphere and feeling absolutely happy for their grandkids, your best friends telling hilarious stories about your adventures together, your guests having an amazing time, all the details that you’ve worked so hard that stay unseen before the video, and so much more! But to successfully capture the beauty of it all, a wedding videographer goes through a work process that we would love to share and invite you to have a glimpse into it. Interested? Let’s get started!

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As wedding videographers, we go through a lot more than just filming your most iconic day. It all starts with putting ourselves on the market, developing our family brand vision, dedicating time to our marketing, and working on our social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Furthermore, we love to share more about our experience. So writing blogs and elevating our SEO content is how we infuse our website with our unique personality.

They say that you learn through all of your life, so frequent upgrades of our education are how our wedding videography skills are nurtured. We love attending workshops and studying with online courses to upgrade our editing and filming skills.


One of our favorite parts is the communication with our couples. Not only do we want to know how you met and your love chapter, but we also want to connect. Learning about your personality, what you love about each other, what are your dreams about your life together, hobbies, everything! We also love to meet with our engaged couples. We need to make sure you feel comfortable around us since we will be part of your most important day.


When it comes to filming, no matter whether it is a grand or an intimate wedding, we pour our heart and soul into capturing your joy. It is the art of visually narrating your big day, combined with music and scenes that would evoke the most profound emotions for many years to come. We also do a lot of traveling for work and destination weddings. When it comes to the filming and editing, we do everything ourselves. That is where the previous step plays a key role. Based on getting to know you, we tailor a video that will reflect your love story. We believe that that is the essence of why our films stand out. Basically, we don’t preserve just your wedding, but also the beauty and authenticity of your tale.

As wedding videographers, we take great diligence in capturing every scene, even those that you don’t see exactly on your celebration. Additionally, everything is beautifully framed with the chosen venue, to always remind you of that special place.

Wedding real moments of the running couple


How we work with couples has a beginning but has no actual end. In all cases, after we have delivered the video, we always stay connected, even after the wedding. When you trust us being a part of your’s most precious moments and bonded, as natural aftermath we become friends!

We hope that this blog will give you a clearer image of what you can expect when booking us as your wedding videographers. In the end, what inspires and infuses our greatest passion to film your special day is precisely you. If you feel like we are the right professionals to capture your memories, get in touch! We honestly cannot wait to meet you!

Sincerely Yours, Vanilla Film