Wedding movies for your inspiration:
TOP 7 by Vanilla Film

Order flowers, fit the dress, call the musicians, finish the wedding vows, find something blue… Because of the wedding planning you’re just going bananas, right? We offer you to take a break, find a time for rest, grab your fav drink and have a great movie night. By the way, the wedding movies that we’ve chosen for you are themed. They are either about wedding or preparation for it. Watch and get inspired!

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It’s not that easy to make a guest list as sometimes it can even give rise to the first almost family argument. Should you invite the nanny of fiancée? Or your annoying relative? What about your loser whiny friend? Married couples who are always arguing? Most often newly-weds decide to invite them all but to sit them down as far as possible. So, this is how this film begins. However, do not underestimate the “scum”. They can hit the floor so that all the guests will completely forget about newlyweds.

A perfect plan/ Un plan parfait

What about the French charm? A French movie star + Hollywood star = a comedy about one young lady that has thought up a plan to cheat fate. Her family is under the curse… Every first marriage always falls apart. So, to break the vicious circle of failed marriages she makes a decision to marry the first klutz. The thing is that it was not supposed to last long as she was planning to divorce him and marry the man she loved. You probably can guess what will come out, but anyway you’ll enjoy while watching.

Mamma Mia!

The best musical and spectacular movie about the wedding planning. Probably you won’t sing along but at least you will definitely tap your feet during this film. Well, one thing is for certain: your wedding playlist will be filled with ABBA hit songs.

Bride Wars

New one of the wedding movies of all time. Perhaps, there is no fiancée who has never watched this film. Actually, there is no reason not to watch it second, third or even 10th time. It’s just like a guide to planning a wedding for engaged and a perfect reason for married couples to bring back so many memories about pre-wedding jitters and be happy that you’ve put it all behind you.

The Hangover/ Bridesmaids

I said yes, we said Vegas! Just because throwing a bachelor party in Las Vegas to bid farewell to bachelorhood is a classic. Getting too drunk and after the party giving advice to all the future newlyweds never to do so is a classic. Usually, they don’t believe and throw a bachelor or bachelorette party exactly in Las Vegas. You should watch it just to see yourself as characters of these wedding movies.

Over Her Dead Body

How do you feel about mystery? Despite the fact that the film begins with tragedy, it won’t be scary, it will be funny. The man, whose bride was killed while preparing for the wedding one year ago, comes in for session with psychist. It was an accident as the huge ice sculpture fell on her. Heartbroken widower cannot forget her. Later, eventually, he falls in love with young and attractive lady-psychic. At the same time, SHE, ex-fiancée, shows up. To be honest, not she but her ghost. Of course, she has her side of the story and plans for this cheeky alive girl that fell for her groom.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

A little bit more mystery. More specifically, a fairy tale directed by Tim Burton. This incredibly beautiful cartoon is a result of titanic work. Every shot can be considered as a small masterpiece. The action takes place in a Victorian era. A main character Victor turns up in the Land of Death right before the wedding. Just because he appears at the wrong place at the wrong time, Victor has to marry the dead bride. Trust me, you will enjoy this dead bride and the underworld more than you know. 

Enjoy Watching!

Yours ever, Nina and Lev