Top 7 Wedding Songs

What would you consider the most important thing in a perfect wedding ceremony? Of course, apart from the happiest groom and bride. There can be plenty of answers, but let’s take a quick test. The results of the test will make it clear. Probably, you will be surprised by the outcome. Let’s get started!

Bride and groom hold each others hands in front of the church

Photo by Jenna Duncan


So, what is an integral part of any wedding? Is it a luxurious dress? Hardly. The history has witnessed many examples when the bride was walking down the aisle in rather simple no name sundress or in jeans and sneakers. However, guests couldn’t take their eyes off.

What about wedding vows? It’s not necessary as well. There are lots of cases when newlyweds take for private vows and simply say “I do” at the altar.

Guests? 2020 has shown that absolutely all the weddings can be celebrated without the guests. You can just send the link on the wedding video a bit later by email.

And now imagine: there are a luxurious dress, guests, deeply-touching wedding vows. But the bride is walking down the aisle strewn with roses towards the groom in total silence. One can hear the sound of rustling dress, slight cough of guest and the clink of glasses in catering zone. And all the magic of the moment suddenly disappears. Agree? And the first dance of the bride and groom is a tremendous event without which no wedding, even the most unusual one, would be complete.

Therefore, here is the answer.

That’s the reason why wedding songs, picked out for the ceremony and the first dance, are as important as the choice of the venue, dress and the color palette for event.

Very often lovers choose “their” song that is associated with some fond memories. However, not all the couples are so lucky. If it is your case, we’ve prepared a special music selection where we collected the most romantic, but not boring to death wedding songs. So, each of them can become “yours”.


  1. Echoes in Rain by Enya

The music that harmoniously combine the solemnity, romance and magic with a repetitive word Alleluia. The song is perfect for the first look and makes this moment special.

Wedding songs for your ceremony

  1. Conversation in the dark by John Legend

This song is appropriate for ceremonies in the settings of candles or lights and classic ones. Not very slow and not too fast pace helps the bride walk across the guests in a comfortable way and lyrics will describe the emotions of the groom during the walk of the bride.

Wedding songs for the first dance

  1. Your song by Elton John

Rings a bell but not too popular song that won’t grab all the attention of guests but will definitely become a perfect addition for your special and perfect day.

First dance wedding song

  1. Loving you by Seafret

Gently, touching and very romantic song with a beautiful part of violin and piano. The lyrics will definitely impress you. In other words, the love as it is.

Wedding songs for the ceremony

  1. Blessed by Thomas Rhett

This song is literally created for the first dance of newlyweds. It’s guaranteed that these familiar country-tunes and sensual elements appreciated by lots of people will touch the heart of every guest. As a result, this song will become “yours” for keeps.

Wedding song for ceremony and first dance

  1. Forever by Ben Harper

A song, recorded with minimum arrangement and played with the help of guitar and bongo. It is so sincere in that it can make you and your guests cry. Of course, from happiness.

song for a first dance

  1. To know him is to love him by Amy Winehouse

The guitar only. The voice of one of the most talented and extraordinary vocalists of modern times. And the main words I do. I do. I really do.

romantic song


It is the special province of music to move the heart. – Johann Sebastian Bach

Open your hearts for music and love.

Sincerely Yours, Vanilla Film/ Lev and Nina