Top 5 Malibu Wedding Venues

Are you looking for a dreamy wedding destination that offers wide-open spaces, sun-soaked scenic beauty, and beachfront bliss as the backdrop? If you are soon to get married and dream of such unique venues for your wedding, then Malibu is the perfect location!

Drone shot of Point Dume, Malibu, CA

Malibu is a great place to plan your wedding, and we love it for some of its breathtaking views and mesmerizing backdrops. The beauty of mountains, oceans, and climate that feels like Tuscany, takes your breath away. We feel blessed to have been here for several occasions, and we find it genuinely phenomenal. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of the most amazing Malibu wedding venues that are perfect for celebrating your togetherness. So, here they are:


As one of the most notable Malibu ranch wedding venues with rustic decor, Calamigos features four different spaces for organizing events. The beautiful site is located on a 130-acre ranch and has a huge seating capacity of 400 people. This rural  Malibu wedding venue boasts Californian charm, picturesque views, and a chic elegant interior and exterior in the middle of a natural surrounding. The venue is far from the hustles of the city, providing solace and peace. It is on a short drive from the Pacific Coast and Los Angeles. Apart from its natural beauty, Calamigos also offers mouth-watering dishes. It definitely makes your special occasion perfect.


If you wish for a castle wedding higher up in the clouds, then this Malibu winery wedding venue is for you. With a capacity for approximately 150 people, this beautiful site is 2000 feet high up in the mountains and comes with a helipad. It is one of the most luxurious villas with an award-winning winery. You can find here gorgeous vineyards, panoramic views, an infinity pool, and breathtaking scenic beauty. That is to say, this Tuscan-styled venue is one of the most awe-inspiring for a perfect fairytale wedding.

Rocky oaks Estate Vineyards


The Hirsch family operates Cielo Farms in Malibu, a perfect palace for a grand wedding ceremony. This 30-acre vineyard & olive estate overlooks some of Malibu’s most beautiful valleys and vineyards. With a capacity to cater to 300 people, it boasts vineyards and a peaceful lush landscape. This Tuscan-inspired venue provides seclusion amongst hundreds of olive trees and a breathtaking ambiance. Spearheaded by the experts, the staff helps with every minute of the events to provide you with the most delightful experience.

Cielo Farms Malibu wedding venue


How about the idea of getting married in one of the Malibu wedding venues that not just offers lush green spaces, fragrant gardens but also a beautiful oceanic view? All this is available at one of the historic, spectacular venues – Adamson House. Firstly, it is a Spanish-style venue with hand-painted frescos, mosaics, molded ceilings, and vibrant tiles. You cannot miss the detailed design notes that add to its beauty as you walk through the grounds. Secondly, the weddings at Adamson House are primarily outdoor. It features perfect backdrops for photo and video sessions on your special day. Thirdly, and most importantly, its beautiful facilities and excellent amenities can cater to a capacity of 200 people. Above all, it is undoubtedly a perfect place to celebrate the most significant occasion of your life.


If a beach wedding is what you are looking for, you must check out the Sunset Restaurant. What makes this venue one of the best Malibu outdoor wedding venues is the golden light hours when the sun goes down. As a result, it gives you the most cherished captured moments. The beautiful estate is known for its stellar services for food and assistance. Moreover, it offers you everything you need – a beachside ceremony at the outdoor lounge and access to elegant interiors for indoor events.

These are some of the best Malibu wedding venues that come with wide-open spaces, unique ranches, and vineyards. Here we have a wedding video for you that we have recently shot at one of the most beautiful Malibu wedding venues. If you wish us to film your special day, then drop us an inquiry. We would be honored!

Sincerely Yours, Lev and Nina