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Santa Barbara Wedding Venues

Santa Barbara is a gem on California’s central coast. Firstly, we’ve known this city for its perfect weather, colonial architecture, and many fabulous restaurants. Secondly, with Santa Ynez mountain backdrops and stunning ocean views, many Santa Barbara Wedding Venues are no less than a romantic destination galore! And it’s genuinely ideal for getting hitched!

We have compiled a list of our favorite venues for you to choose the best place for celebrating your special day. So, have a look:


Whether you want to plan your wedding at the resort or one of the scenic beaches, you will have it all covered at Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort. This is one of the best Santa Barbara wedding venues that offer unparalleled views of the coastline. Besides that it gives you a unique opportunity to get married while enjoying the Californian sunshine. You can revel in expansive views and celebrate the big day in an open-air, slow dancing as the sun sets. 

Santa Barbara wedding venue

Santa Barbara hotel


You can find this beautiful Hotel Californian right in the heart of Santa Barbara. The hotel offers multiple options for hosting the events. It is one of the most beautiful Santa Barbara wedding venues with impeccable architecture, beautiful design, and panoramic views of the ocean from the rooftop. With the backdrop of Santa Ynez mountains and the California coast right in the front, you won’t find a more picturesque venue than the Hotel Californian. It is a premier wedding destination with 121 guest rooms and three rooftop spaces for hosting the events.

Hotel Californian

Photo by Shannon Yen


Kestrel Park is a private estate located in Santa Ynez valley. This exclusive Santa Barbara county wedding venue holds only selected events every year. The boutique hotel spans 100 acres of rolling hills, stylish English architecture, and beautiful pathways. Most of the spaces at Kestrel park offer an amazing backdrop for your events.

kestrel park

Photo by Shannon Yen


For example, imagine a stunning estate in the countryside, wonderfully surrounded by lush green spaces. San Ysidro Ranch is an idyllic outdoor wedding venue nestled in the Montecito foothills of Southern California. It is a blend of romantic heritage, luxury, and natural beauty. Therefore, it spreads across 500 acres of coastal landscape between oceans and mountains. Moreover, designers decorated the place in classic bungalow style with fireplaces decks. It’s undoubtedly one of the most incredible Santa Barbara wedding venues.


This magnificent luxury venue is bound to take your breath away! Therefore, designed in the image of Spanish colonial architecture and beautifully entwined with modern flair, this oceanfront resort is the perfect place to host your event. Majestic backdrops, featuring lush mountains and golden beaches, will adorn your wedding photos in an iconic way. With an authentic Mediterranean flair, you will be able to enjoy the old-world style of the Ritz-Carlton Bacara. You can immerse into elegance, and enjoy the grounds of this vast estate. There are many options to curate your special day, both indoor and outdoor. The amenities are equally spectacular. Think of salt-water pools, spa, six culinary venues, exquisite wine, and many more.

With peaceful vineyards, ocean views, and exemplary architecture – the city is undoubtedly home to some of the most idyllic Santa Barbara county wedding venues. That is to say, it’s perfect for celebrating special occasions. 

Check out the wedding film we have filmed at one of the Santa Barbara wedding venues.

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Contact our team if you plan to get married at some of the Santa Barbara wedding venues. It would be such an honor to film your most special day!

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