Pre-Wedding Shoot
Outfit Ideas

A pre-wedding or engagement shoot captures the beauty and excitement of your relationship before you say, “I do.” It’s a celebration of your love and connection before you start your new lives together. When planning your shoot, one of the first things you need to decide is what you’re going to wear. If you’re struggling to find the perfect look, these pre-wedding shoot outfit ideas can help.


Before you start shopping for outfits, decide where you want to have your shoot. Maybe you already have a special place in mind. It could be where you had your first kiss or where he proposed. Moreover, it could be your favorite spot to escape to or somewhere that reflects your lifestyle.

Maybe you just want a scenic location where the two of you can make a new memory together.

Why is your location so important? Because it will influence everything about your outfit, from the color to the style and accessories.

Therefore, choose your location carefully, and make sure it’s a spot that you both agree on.

beach engagement shoot outfit


You pre-wedding shoot is all about you, so wear whatever makes you feel confident and at your best. For a more thematic approach, here are some outfit ideas to help you prepare for your engagement or pre-wedding shoot. 


Think oceans, mountains and deserts. These spaces are wild, open and free, and your outfit should be a reflection of these ever-expanding landscapes.

Long, flowing dresses and skirts add to the romantic, dreamy vibe. Pastels and whites are great for these locations because they complement the watercolor sunsets.

To sum up, here are some outfit and accessories ideas:

  • Airy maxi dresses and skirts
  • Delicate floral prints
  • Wrap-style or peasant dresses
  • Wide brim hats in earthy tones 

For this engagement shoot, we traveled to two locations: the ocean (Morro Bay) and the dunes (Oceano Dunes). The couple (Huyen and Peter) wore two outfits for this shoot, both a reflection of each location. But you’ll notice that for both locations, Huyen chose airy, romantic, flowing dresses that, above all, complement these wide-open spaces.

lovely asian couple walking on the beach

Romantic couple having pre-wedding shoot in sand dunes


Couple dancing on sand dunes in romantic outfit


Great for urban shoots. Think leather, short shorts, fishnets and heels. Edgy looks are bold, and they complement gritty urban environments. If you and your partner are adventure seekers who love to live on the edge, then this look may be perfect for your shoot.

Here are some outfit and accessories ideas:

  • Leather (or vegan leather) studded jacket
  • Black fishnet stockings
  • Black heels or combat boots
  • Ripped denim shorts
  • Leather (or vegan leather) skirt

For this urban LA shoot, the couple (Margo and Vadim) went for a classic edgy look that complemented their biker lifestyle. 

Therefore, Margo wore two outfits for this shoot:

  • Camo tee, ripped denim shorts, fishnets and heels
  • Black studded jacket, corset, black pants and sneakers

As a result, both looks worked perfectly for this city shoot.

Guy sitting on his bike and waiting for his girlfriend

Pre-wedding shoot outfit ideas. Girl with a drink standing by the graffiti wall on a street

Outfit ideas for a couple for an urban style shoot


Maybe you want your pre-wedding shoot to be a reflection of you in your everyday routine doing the things you love. After all, it’s these ordinary moments that we cherish. In this case, a laid-back look may be the perfect choice.

So, here are some ideas:

  • Feminine dresses with sneakers
  • Your favorite jeans and t-shirt
  • Denim jackets

For instance, check out this video:

For this love story, the couple went through quite a few outfit changes, but each was casual and a reflection of their everyday lives in LA:

  • Red lacy dress with white Converse sneakers and a denim jacket
  • White airy top with charcoal denim pants and beige jacket

couple wearing sneakers and converse

Interracial girl in Downtown Los Angeles

interracial couple walking on the beach Santa Monica, CA

pre-wedding shoot with interracial couple

These are just some of the many pre-wedding shoot outfit ideas you can use to make your shoot a success. Remember that this is a personal shoot and one that should reflect both you and your partner. In conclusion, wear what you feel most confident in and that confidence will shine through in your video.

Sincerely Yours, Vanilla Film