The Best TV and Movie
Wedding Dresses

A wedding like a fairy tale is what lots of grooms and especially brides dream of. One can find a suitable “fairy tale”, regardless of whether the wedding is going to be big and crowded or intimate and closed. A dress for the wedding like in fairy tales or movies is definitely of large importance. We’ve already written about legendary wedding dresses of rich and famous brides. Today’s selection will be dedicated to TV and movie wedding dresses that are no less amazing and popular.

“SEX AND THE CITY” wedding dress

Carrie Bradshaw movie wedding dress

 TV Show didn’t end up with the wedding of Carrie and Big. Producers decided to transfer their marriage to the first feature film. Actually, after the wedding events started moving rapidly. The best world designers were dressing a famous New-York princess up in their gowns. However, she made her choice in favor of crazy, special and bright dress made by Vivienne Westwood. Unfortunately, it hasn’t become lucky for her. Probably, that’s the reason why she chose no name gown for her marriage.

“BRIDE WARS” wedding dress

Bride Wars movie wedding dress

This movie came out more than 10 years ago. However, exactly this dress and exactly this style has been still chosen by thousands of brides around the world. Thanks to the “Bride Wars”, the wedding dress designed by Vera Wang has become a fetish and a synonym of wedding dream and opulence. And the quote “You don’t alter Vera Wang to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera” rings a bell even for those, who have never watched this movie.

“TWILIGHT” wedding dress

Bella and Edward by the altar

A wedding of the main characters has become an apotheosis of the vampire saga. A target audience of this franchise is teen girls. After that, in the nearest future an avalanche of brides in wedding dresses similar to Bella’s one is waiting for us. It’s all because young ladies imagine exactly this gown as their dream wedding dress. The dress created by Carolina Herrera was actually very beautiful and quite sophisticated. Certainly, such style will never become outdated.


Katniss in her wedding dress

The main star of the film Katniss Everdeen lives in the dystopian state of the future ruled by peculiar and even avantgarde fashion. Consequently, her gown was luxurious: a corset, imitating flames (they’ve become a calling card of Katniss) and a skirt in the form of soft waves, imitating sea foam. The real dress made by the Indonesian designer Tex Saverio was taken as a basis. Then, it was refined to fit the film and make it more futuristic.

“FUNNY FACE” wedding dress

Funny Face movie wedding dresses

It’s one of the most iconic dresses of Audrey Hepburn. The dress has become so famous that it’s still considered a real wedding dress of actress in Internet. Moreover, we wrote about her real dress in our previous selection. Hubert de Givenchy created this gown specially for her favorite muse. Tea length, circle dress with empire line bodice made Audrey look like a porcelain doll.

“MAMMA MIA!” wedding dress

Bride and girls before the wedding ceremony

The main plot of the musical romantic comedy revolves around the wedding on the Mediterranean coast of Greece. There is no room for tight corsets, heavy crinolines and sophisticated draping. Owing to designers, a bride looked like a Greek goddess: high-waisted dress, resembling a tunic, a floral embroidery, light chiffon, tan and soft curls. Overall, a perfect look for romantic summer wedding.

“FRIENDS” wedding dress

Monica and Chandler dancing at their wedding

During the whole TV Show Monica Geller tried the wedding dresses on three times. She even had to give up the dress of her dream to book Chandler’s favorite music band for the wedding. Finally, she made her choice in favor of as simple as possible, laconic fish dress that perfectly fitted her. It had a nicely decorated with buttons back and interesting draping. Less is more – the slogan of this wedding attire.

This is our top of TV and movie wedding dresses. Next time we will share the most famous and exquisite engagement rings. Check it out!

Yours, Vanilla Film