Micro wedding in Dallas.
The Story of Daniela & Adrian

Leo Tolstoy wrote that all the happy families are alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. You can bravely transfer this expression to all the newlyweds of long-suffering 2020 where every happy couple had to cope with COVID-19. Our today’s story is about one more couple whose plans were ruined by pandemic and whose adventure elopement was transferred into a family micro wedding.

micro wedding in Dallas


Adrian and Daniela are young guys from Dallas, Texas. They were dreaming of small October wedding in Washington state. Our newlyweds wanted to get married in the woods with breathtaking mountain and cliff views. Texas didn’t seem so attractive place for the celebration as they believed that there is nothing special in there and not much to look at – only fields. It’s a common trap for people who stay at the same place for too long. They get tired of seeing the same landscape. It seems that you should go to another place to see the beauty in your big day.

Let’s come back to our newlyweds. The summer of 2020 showed that the wedding in West Coast wasn’t meant to happen. Guys decided to play it safe and not to ask their relatives and friends to move from Texas. We got that news during the summer when they called us to cancel our services. Their wedding was going to be very small and celebrated at home in Dallas. Adrian and Daniela were sure there is nothing to film there. But we’ve decided that this is not so and offered guys to come to Dallas to prove that it’s possible to find the beauty everywhere and that the most crucial detail is they themselves. 

Adrian and Daniela were thrilled and gladly accepted our proposal.


It was a micro wedding, not more than 20-25 people. Only closest relatives and friends. Newlyweds stayed at home and rented an open canvas that is 40 minutes drive from Dallas. We got there with the clear intention of making a memorable and emotional film for Adrian and Daniela. We’re still smiling when recall their happy faces and warm words of appreciation from their family and friends.

family congratulations to newlyweds

Having a Latin American background Adrian and Daniela as well as their family are a pure fire. Cheerful, energetic, bright and expressive. We especially loved the contrast between them and cozy venue Stem & Light that they’ve chosen for the wedding. With the large windows in the main space, the glass enclosed Greenhouse and large tree-backed field, there will be no shortage of backdrops with perfect lighting for your shoot or event.

Dallas small wedding venue

Dallas cozy wedding venue

Photo by the talented Rebecca Chesney

It seems that specially for our couple to enhance their fire, the powers let the storm clouds, dark sky and rain appear. The atmosphere was incredible! The air was full of electricity and your skin could literally feel that something great and important is going to happen. For nature this “important” was a heavy rain, and for groom and bride – the beginning of their family life. We’re sure that it’s going to be happy because there is a sign – all the new beginnings that are accompanied by rain will be lucky. And we believe that one who they appealed to during their wedding prayer at the very beginning has heard them.

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Sincerely Yours, Vanilla Film/ Lev and Nina