Laguna Beach Elopement

Sunny and David are kind-hearted, introverted yet very much “outdoor people.” The couple simply loves to go to beaches, explore, and often plan to hike over the weekends. They feel the most secure, comfortable, and truly loved in each other’s company. Did we mention they also have a lovely cat named Dotto? She is the star of their lives and a cute little sweetheart. Sunny and David had beautiful plans to get married; however, due to Covid, their goals got stuck. They decided to turn the tides and turn their celebration into a Laguna Beach elopement wedding in California.

Laguna Beach Elopement


They have been together for more than five years and got engaged in less than a year since they met. Sunny and David had plans to take their relationship to the next level when they got engaged, but sadly, Sunny’s mother passed away, and she had to move to Korea to be with her little brother. But as you can really get to know your partner in the darkest of times, David set strong foundations for their beautiful relationship – he followed her to Korea to be with her during her tough times. How heartwarming and loving of him.

The couple lovingly shared with us how the sequence of personal events they have gone through along with the Covid period made them realize that the most important thing is their togetherness and love for one another. From here, the idea for a Laguna Beach elopement wedding blossomed and turned into a reality.


They dropped the idea of a fancy and sparkly wedding and decided to keep things minimal. The couple chose Laguna Beach for their elopement in order to start their new journey. To film their intimate affair, we hiked to reach the top of Aliso Peak at five in the morning. It was genuinely phenomenal, for it offered a fantastic view of the entire city and the ocean. The place was tranquil, peaceful and what we liked the most was that it was perfect for such a pure occasion. As we began to film, our focus was to capture more of their candid moments, highlighting their unconditional love for each other.

Aliso peak elopement

Sunny and David FaceTimed their families in Korea and took their blessings during the ceremony. It was just us and the couple. As Sunny began reading wedding vows, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Wedding vows on top of the hills

couple in Laguna Beach CA


After the ceremony, we walked down with the couple towards the beach for an ultimate beach elopement session. The day was perfect, and we had an amazing time shooting them as they enjoyed the breeze, ocean, and sun. The feel of the wind all over the face, hair, and bright sunlight made the Laguna Beach elopement wedding video come out so well. We got a plethora of video frames that indeed depicted their love for each other.

Laguna Beach Elopement


Another reason why this South California Elopement wedding is one of our favorites is that the couple had planned something unique. On the top of the hills, they rented a small cabin with some incredible and breathtaking views. As they both enjoyed cooking together, we got a chance to capture what they love doing. Sunny is so lovely, she even prepared vegetarian meals when she learned we were vegetarian. We found both of them so thoughtful and loving that they planned not just to share their special day but also a delicious meal too.

couple cooking together

couple cutting wedding cake

couple dancing with champagne

As we look back, we will remember the special bond we developed with Sunny & David. We wish all the happiness for their new life and eternal devotion! Have a look at their beautiful intimate affair – Sunny & David Laguna Beach Elopement Wedding.

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Cheers, Lev and Nina