Forest Wedding at
Mount Rainier National Park

Shelan and Joshua’s intimate forest wedding at Mount Rainier National Park was quite an adventure! They are so young, lively, full of adventurous spirit, yet so mature as a couple, so it was natural for them to host such a celebration. Both Shelan and Joshua work in the real estate industry and presented themselves with a beautiful house last year.

forest wedding in Washington


Shelan and Joshua are the sweetest soulmates we have ever met. The couple chose a beautiful and secluded forest wedding location Edlynn Farm, located right by Mount Rainier National Park.

Edlynn Farm

There are several woodsy destinations, but nothing can beat the beauty of Mount Rainier National park. Known for its snow-capped mountains and whimsical landscapes, it is also home to incredible waterfalls. National Park provides a little bit of everything with lakes, streams, trails and mountains. Lush green spaces, rugged mountain peaks, and plenty of photo locations make Edlynn Farm one of the stunning wedding venues in Washington.


The wedding day started on a beautiful note when Joshua gifted Shelan a beautiful necklace with a small ladybug pendant in the presence of her mom and her bridesmaid. Everyone, including Shelan, got very emotional and couldn’t hold back their tears. The couple had chosen the most fantastic lookout spot for their forest wedding ceremony with a view of Mount Rainier as the background. Sadly, all the plans were up in the air as the day was so cloudy, and barely anyone could see the snow-capped mountains. However, despite this, it didn’t make their special day less memorable and beautiful.

forest wedding

groom and groomsmen getting ready

bride happy crying


The couple didn’t let the weather dampen their spirits one bit. This was the day they were finally getting married, and this is all that mattered the most. They had invited their close friends and family to witness their love, and when you get the best people gathered around, especially in a place as beautiful as this wedding venue, the capturing just flowed seamlessly. As Shelan & Joshua read vows to each other, it was happy tears and all emotions. The immense love they had for each other was easy to see. 

forest wedding first look

Popping a bottle of champagne on the upper floor of the barn with stunning, picturesque views in the background made it truly magical. Their families celebrated with them, sharing the candid joy, and it was an unforgettable experience.

bride and groom in barn

bride and groom popping champagne

Photos by Erin Perkins Photography

As the evening came to a close, Shelan & Joshua put on their first dance and held each other tight while soaking in the spectacular moment. It was such a wonderful day spent with the couple! They both have such contagious joy, and it made capturing their love so easy! We laughed and wandered around, exploring this enchanting forest wedding venue that we had all to ourselves.

As their wedding videographers, we are thankful that Shelan & Joshua trusted us to document their special moments. This forest wedding in a serene and calm environment will always be close to our hearts and memories.

We wish them all the happiness of the world. Please check out the film of stunning forest wedding of Shelan & Joshua!

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