Drone Wedding Videography -
Why You Need It

Your big day is fast approaching. You’ve selected the perfect venue, found a gorgeous wedding gown, booked the best DJ and chosen the perfect flowers. When it comes to preserving the memories of your wedding, you may be asking yourself – to drone or not to drone? Drone wedding videography helps in capturing the big event. This practice is quickly growing in popularity. But, is it worth it?

Couple laying down on a private beach in Point Dume, Malibu, CA


Drone wedding videography offers the unique opportunity to film your special day from distinctive angles. Wedding drone shots can show the expanse of outdoor venues. If you’ve chosen to exchange vows on a boat, a drone can capture the spectacular beauty of your event and the surroundings. 

While wedding photography will always be an integral part of any wedding, think of drone wedding videography as a way to provide the context of the event. This is particularly true when your service takes place outdoors. Drones expertly capture the expanse and perspective of your outdoor wedding in a way that would be difficult, if not impossible,  using a standard camera. A hill- or cliffside wedding is another example of a venue that would benefit from wedding video captured by drone.

Drone shot of a hindu wedding ceremony in Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa, CA

Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa

Another benefit to using drones? They are great at catching special moments that videographer can’t film from the ground. Before, capturing expansive footage of your event could only be accomplished using a helicopter — a service reserved for society’s elite. Using a drone provides you with the same spectacular footage at a fraction of the price.

Drone wedding videography expertly contrasts the intimacy of your wedding with the expansive background you’ve chosen for your event.

Drone shot of an engaged couple walking up sand dunes in Oceano Dunes, CA


When booking a drone for your wedding, there are some things to keep in mind. As a rule, drones are best used outdoors and in areas that are not heavily wooded. After all, the whole point of using drone videography is to see you, your partner and your wedding party in the beautiful setting you’ve chosen. 

Weather can also affect a drone’s ability to fly. High winds, fog/clouds, or rain on your wedding day could prevent your drone from getting off the ground. You should also find out if your venue is near any restricted airspace (like an airport) as this could determine if drones can fly in the area.

Drone shot of the wedding venue Stonebrae Country Club, Hayward, CA under the clouds

Stonebrae Country Club


Capturing wedding video with drone is popular for a reason. It provides a sweeping, cinematographic perspective of a once-in-a-lifetime event. We would love to provide you the unforgettable wedding day experience you deserve and a wedding video you’ll treasure for years to come. If you’d like to discuss adding drone footage to your wedding package, please contact us.