Christmas movies -
Top 7 by Vanilla Film

A watched pot never boils. But when we’re talking about Christmas, this truth loses its meaning. Waiting for Christmas is associated with a sweet feeling, filled with scents of gingerbread, rustle of wrapping paper, inside of which there are hidden tree decorations, fairy lights’ twinkle, hugs in warm sweaters and, of course, Christmas songs and movies.

How does your perfect Christmas Eve look like? We’ll try to guess: huge cup of your fav tea, hot chocolate or mulled wine, some sweets, cozy blanket and amazing movie. If you add your loved one into this ideal picture, your delight will increase twice. 

But here is the question: what film to choose if “Home Alone” is already learnt by heart? We have a few thoughts.

Bad Santa, 2003

Christmas movie to watch

It is a crime comedy film of Coen brothers. Willie – evil, bibulous and cynical thief. Every year he and his partner get a job as Santa Claus at shopping malls and then rob them. Once he meets a naive, overweight and lonely, like himself, boy that, for some reason, believes that this bloated, untidy heavy smoker is a real Santa Claus. Yup, Christmas miracle can look like this. 

Die Hard 2, 1990

Christmas movie with Bruce Willis

The most Christmassy out of action movies and the best action movie out of Christmas movies. Bruce Willis, probably, doesn’t look like a Santa, but he can cheer you up as good as Santa.

Love Actually, 2003

Love actually movie

8 novellas, 8 storylines. At first glance, it seems that these storylines do not connect to each other, but you’ll see how their stories overlap in very unexpected way right before Christmas. All the stories are different, but somehow love permeates every story. This film is a live classic. By the way, the movie shows one of the most impressive scenes of love confession in the history of cinematography. 

Lost Christmas, 2011

Christmas movie to watch

The most popular genre for Christmas movies is comedy or drama. But sometimes you can even find a drama with a pinch of mystery. This, for instance. A mysterious man appears in Manchester on Christmas Eve. He doesn’t remember who is he, where he was born and how he ended up out there. There is a name “Anthony” written on his jacket. That’s all information he has. Later this man discovers his unique ability that if he touches a person, he defines what this person has lost and helps to find it. You should watch closely to catch all the links that will come together as of the end of the film.

8 femmes, 2001

Top 7 Christmas movies

Detective-musical film with the best actresses of the Cinema of France. The family gets together to celebrate the Christmas in a snowy country residence. However, the holiday is not meant to be because the master of the house was found dead. The house is cut off from the police due to the snowstorm, so women decide to start their own investigation. It is supposed that the murderer is one of these women, but who is it? They’re all suspects. Moreover, during the investigation women find out lots of family secrets…

The Holiday, 2006

Cameron Diaz and Jude Law

Iris and Amanda are experiencing bad time in their private lives. One suffers from unrequited love, another – from the affair of the boyfriend. They could have a lot to talk about, but they don’t know each other and live at a distance of 10 000 kilometers from each other. Surprisingly, they find each other on a home swap website when decide to have some rest from their problems and to spend Christmas halfway across the world. As a result, Iris moves to the Amanda’s house located at the sunny California for two weeks while Amanda travels to covered with snow English countryside. It’s a wonderful film with the great actors. Some of them even won the Oscar award! 

The Nightmare before Christmas, 1993

Tim Burton's cartoon

The Nightmare before Christmas is an animated cartoon (director Tim Burton). It is about the life in the kingdom of horror and fear filled with dead men, beasts and monsters who have never seen a light and never heard about any holidays except Halloween. Once upon a time, a star of the “Halloween Town” Jack Skellington has seen the celebration of Christmas and fired up to organize the Christmas in his town. But what can the creatures, who are busy with frightening people around, know about the Christmas…? They will make every effort to celebrate it. You’ll definitely like it.

That’s all for now. It’s time to make your hot chocolate and bake cookies. See you in the next article!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Cheers, Nina and Lev